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¬ Welcome to MICK BURNS' Chainsaw Sculpture - bespoke wood carving on a grand scale.

¬ I learned to use a chainsaw as part of my job in forestry and tree surgery, and have become very used to the handling of chainsaws. I am inclined to use the chainsaw from beginning to end on a sculpture, often producing what amounts to a detailed sketch in wood. The other main tools in my "armoury" are a power sander, angle grinder and die grinder. The finishing time for these sculptures is typically hours, or, depending on the size, going on for a few days.

¬ All chainsaw sculpture depicted within this website has been carved by myself, Mick Burns. The galleries feature a wealth of finished ideas but, as each carving is based on a unique piece of wood, it is impossible to exactly replicate any particular item.

¬ The timber I work with is normally from UK plantations managed specifically for timber production. UK forestry is carefully regulated by the Forestry Commission and is a totally sustainable timber resource. I will also utilise timber that has resulted from the removal of dead, dying, diseased or dangerous trees, effectively re-cycling the timber rather than burning it or dumping it.

¬ I can offer sculpture of a very varied nature or theme, e.g. animal, figurative, abstract, unusual benches, entrance ways, theme poles, trail markers, memorials etc. I am also able to undertake large scale joinery work utilising the incredible versatility of the chainsaw. The construction of more complex blanks for carving awkward subjects in timber that would not otherwise be achievable using only an ordinary cylindrical log, is possible.

¬ Work can be undertaken at my yard, drawing material from my extensive timber stock and utilising the equipment available to produce anything from 300mm high and 3kg or so, up to 5000mm+ and weighing several tonnes.

¬ There is also a narrow band sawmill on hand for the sawing of boards and beams as required. This is particularly useful for the creation of specialised benches.

¬ If the carving project is very large, I can draw on a number of my associate carvers to help with the work in order to deliver in a shorter time frame.

¬ Some of my smaller garden sculptures (perching owls, mushrooms etc.) are usually available readymade at the Forge Arts gallery in Hackthorn, Lincoln. Check the link to see what's in stock there or give them a call for availability.

¬Check out my Other Info page for information on types of timber best for sculptures as well as what to expect when sculptures dry out. Also other information that may be of interest to wood sculptors and clients generally.

If thinking of having a particularly tall sculpture carved, pay heed to the section on tall sculpture liability.

¬ I do travel to carve tree stumps on site at schools, public locations and peoples gardens. I carry public liability insurance for this type of work. For carving a stump on site I require an identification of the timber (some species of timber rot out too quickly to be worth carving), a photograph, ideally with someone standing alongside (for scale) and an indication of accessibility for my vehicle and equipment.

¬I would like to introduce a unique unit of sculptured timber having applications in fencing, cladding, partitioning, landscaping, etc. Design registered and only available from Chainsaw Sculpture Ltd. I have been developing this idea for some years now and have created some very unusual fences as well as other items using these unique components.

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